Volunteer Register

No experience necessary

If you are volunteering your horse either as a ridden or lunge horse. He needs to:-
  • be sound,
  • have a correct way of going, 
  • have a relaxed temperament and be happy to stand to be painted,
  • be comfortable with a large audience,
  • be able to calmly walk, trot and canter over poles,
  • be happy to be ridden in a snaffle bridle with no martingale or breastplate.
If we are doing a jumping demonstration, we will be looking for combinations able to jump confidently around a course of jumps at a minimum of 1m10 as well as confident with walk, trot and canter poles.

If we are doing a dressage specific demonstration we will be looking for combinations working at Medium level and above.
* indicates required
If you are volunteering as a rider, please tell us more about what you do with your horse and to what level.
If you have a web or FB page about you or your horses please write it here.

By volunteering you are agreeing to us contacting you about the Horses Inside Out volunteer register, courses and events. If you volunteer your horse, you are agreeing to us using photographs and video footage of you both taken on the day to be used in future marketing material, educational resources and publications. Disclaimer: We do take every precaution to make everything safe but participation is at your own risk. You are responsible for providing your own insurance.